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The Difference Between an Ordinary Wheelchair and the Extraordinary Hoveround MPV5

The Difference Between an Ordinary Wheelchair and the Extraordinary Hoveround MPV5


For someone who has lost the ability to walk, would there be much difference? Let’s find out. Losing one’s ability to walk is life-changing.  Naturally, the person affected would want to find a solution – the closest thing to unassisted walk.

I believe wheelchairs are a blessing. They serve as extensions of limbs, a shot at independence and mobility, things put at risk when you lose your ability to walk.

For a wheelchair to serve its purpose, it must provide the person 3 key things: independence, mobility and comfort.








What’s the basis for this comparison? This can only be justified by analyzing each wheelchair’s  key features.




hoveround features

Price and Maintenance

Ordinary wheelchairs are cheaper and less bulky. But the real contest is not about pricing but convenience, comfort, and flexibility, in which Hoveround MPV5 wins by a mile.

No doubt ordinary manual wheelchairs allow the person to move around the house or outside to some extent, but Hoveround MPV5 has certain features that make it unique such as a cup holder and side tote bag. Hoveround wheelchairs also come with options for must-have accessories and products that enhance the user’s experience such as ramps, safety flags, and the highly recommended lifting solutions that provide easier access and transport.

A taste of the user experience the Hoveround MPV5 offers:


hoveround advantages


When you are physically challenged and have lost your ability to walk, you would definitely buy yourself independence and mobility if you could. The Hoveround MPV5 is a power wheelchair. It is the closest thing to an unassisted walk.  While an ordinary manual wheelchair may serve a wheelchair’s purpose, the Hoveround MPV5 sweeps it.


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